If love should rise on the winter tide

In 2011 I moved from London to the Derbyshire Peak District town of Glossop. I’d loved living in London, my flat was in Borough where the famous food market was a 2 minute stroll away. My local cinema was the British Film Institute and my local art gallery was the Tate Modern. My local pub, The Gladstone, had some of the finest live music I’d ever seen. Right in the centre of things with access to world class art, music, film and theatre. I was culturally rich but I was missing something.

That something was dark and foreboding yet glorious and beautiful. I missed the moors and the hills, the cloughs and valleys where streams and brooks poured down. So I set my heart on Glossop – the dark high land so beautifully captured in this song by Steve Roberts. In those first few months I walked miles exploring the breathtaking scenery. Up Kinder Scout and Bleaklow, amongst bogs and stones. I felt rich again.

On arrival in Glossop this was the first song I finished – ‘If love should rise on the winter tide’.  It’s a song rooted in nature and has an age-old cliche at it’s heart – that coins and jewels are not the only riches. In a culture obsessed with money I think it’s important to appropriate the language of wealth and redefine it. So I count my riches in other ways. When it comes to landscapes, experiences, friendships and family I am a wealthy man.