13 pretty good Quiet Loner things that happened in 2016

I think 2016 was my busiest year to date. It feels like I’ve not stopped. I’ve written, recorded and released a whole new album, toured a brand new show, pushed my songwriting skills, done some workshops for the first time, had a piece in an art exhibition, joined a covers band, run the Defiance Sessions,[…]

Scan - The Kings Own Reg - Sam (Front Row, 2nd Right) Harry (Front Middle)

Unmarked grave – a war story

“It is a terrible war and the greatest sacrifices I am certain are those made by women like you at home with children to care for” Lieutenant Harry Saxon – King’s Own (Lancaster) Today marks 100 years since an event that cast a long shadow across my family. My Great-Grandad Sam Covell was killed on[…]

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All these places

‘All these places (despised and chased away)’ Multi media artwork Exhibited at : “Loitering with intent – the art and politics of walking” July-October 2016 (the People’s History Museum)  ‘All these places (despised and chased away)’ is the title of an artwork I have created for an exhibition called “Loitering with intent – the art and[…]

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If love should rise on the winter tide

In 2011 I moved from London to the Derbyshire Peak District town of Glossop. I’d loved living in London, my flat was in Borough where the famous food market was a 2 minute stroll away. My local cinema was the British Film Institute and my local art gallery was the Tate Modern. My local pub, The Gladstone,[…]

Bunhill Fields

Stone & Bone

“It’s hard to decide what to let go and what to keep. But those decisions are as much a part of the creative process as thinking things up in the first place.” This song began in a graveyard. I’ve loved Bunhill fields for many years. It’s a really atmospheric graveyard in the City of London. The English visionary[…]

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Even Elvis Presley

I love Elvis. I mean really love Elvis. From 9 years of age I was obsessed. I joined the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, PO Box 4, Leicester. You see I can still remember the full name and address. A few miles from my house was an Elvis shop.[…]


Get me Johnny Cash on the phone

Many years ago I read an astonishing book called ‘The Executioner’s Song’ by Norman Mailer. It’s an incredible read about a man called Gary Gilmore who for a while in the 1970s became the most famous man in America. Gilmore was a convicted murderer who was facing life on Death Row at a time when no[…]

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My Top 10 Quiet Loner moments of 2015

2015 is a year I will remember for it’s action and activism. The election result in May seemed to initiate a seismic shift in UK politics – from the SNP landslide to the Corbyn mandate, there’s something in the air that is questioning the status quo. There’s been a similar frenzy of musical activity with[…]

Quiet Loner with Billy Bragg at Glastonbury Festival 2013

Look back at 2013

QUIET LONER : 2013 A YEAR IN REVIEW  “What made 2013 special was the varied experiences and people I got to meet through playing music. I got to play at my favourite museum (The People’s History Museum), I got to play at Glastonbury alongside one of my favourite songwriters (Billy Bragg) and tour the Netherlands with[…]

LIbrary Walk protest

Quiet Loner’s Top Ten Protest Songs

No Woody Guthrie? No Bob Dylan? No Billy Bragg? No Quiet Loner? I know, I know….. (in chronological order) 1 – Country Joe Macdonald “Feels like I’m fixing to die” 1967 “Be the first on your block to have your boy come home in a box” Gimme an F! Joe Macdonald came from the radical[…]