New songwriting project

From March through to June this year I’ll be working with arts organisation Arthur + Martha as a ‘guest artist’ on a project called Panorama. A couple of weeks ago I started working with people who have lived experience of homelessness. I’ll help them co-create songs, words and music. I’ll do that alongside arthur+martha’s artist Read more about New songwriting project[…]

13 pretty good Quiet Loner things that happened in 2016

I think 2016 was my busiest year to date. It feels like I’ve not stopped. I’ve written, recorded and released a whole new album, toured a brand new show, pushed my songwriting skills, done some workshops for the first time, had a piece in an art exhibition, joined a covers band, run the Defiance Sessions, Read more about 13 pretty good Quiet Loner things that happened in 2016[…]

Unmarked grave – a war story

“It is a terrible war and the greatest sacrifices I am certain are those made by women like you at home with children to care for” Lieutenant Harry Saxon – King’s Own (Lancaster) Today marks 100 years since an event that cast a long shadow across my family. My Great-Grandad Sam Covell was killed on Read more about Unmarked grave – a war story[…]

All these places

‘All these places (despised and chased away)’ Multi media artwork Exhibited at : “Loitering with intent – the art and politics of walking” July-October 2016 (the People’s History Museum)  ‘All these places (despised and chased away)’ is the title of an artwork I have created for an exhibition called “Loitering with intent – the art and Read more about All these places[…]

If love should rise on the winter tide

In 2011 I moved from London to the Derbyshire Peak District town of Glossop. I’d loved living in London, my flat was in Borough where the famous food market was a 2 minute stroll away. My local cinema was the British Film Institute and my local art gallery was the Tate Modern. My local pub, The Gladstone, Read more about If love should rise on the winter tide[…]

Stone & Bone

“It’s hard to decide what to let go and what to keep. But those decisions are as much a part of the creative process as thinking things up in the first place.” This song began in a graveyard. I’ve loved Bunhill fields for many years. It’s a really atmospheric graveyard in the City of London. The English visionary Read more about Stone & Bone[…]

Even Elvis Presley

I love Elvis. I mean really love Elvis. From 9 years of age I was obsessed. I joined the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, PO Box 4, Leicester. You see I can still remember the full name and address. A few miles from my house was an Elvis shop. Read more about Even Elvis Presley[…]

Get me Johnny Cash on the phone

Many years ago I read an astonishing book called ‘The Executioner’s Song’ by Norman Mailer. It’s an incredible read about a man called Gary Gilmore who for a while in the 1970s became the most famous man in America. Gilmore was a convicted murderer who was facing life on Death Row at a time when no Read more about Get me Johnny Cash on the phone[…]

My Top 10 Quiet Loner moments of 2015

2015 is a year I will remember for it’s action and activism. The election result in May seemed to initiate a seismic shift in UK politics – from the SNP landslide to the Corbyn mandate, there’s something in the air that is questioning the status quo. There’s been a similar frenzy of musical activity with Read more about My Top 10 Quiet Loner moments of 2015[…]

Look back at 2013

QUIET LONER : 2013 A YEAR IN REVIEW  “What made 2013 special was the varied experiences and people I got to meet through playing music. I got to play at my favourite museum (The People’s History Museum), I got to play at Glastonbury alongside one of my favourite songwriters (Billy Bragg) and tour the Netherlands with Read more about Look back at 2013[…]