24th August 2012

Singles and EPs

The Captain's Diseased (2013)

Artist: Quiet Loner  |   Title: The Captain's Diseased  |  Label: Little Red Rabbit
Release date: 1st April 2013 |   Catalogue number: LRR039
Formats: Download only   

A. The Captain's Diseased
B. If love should rise on the winter tide' (live mix)  Previously unreleased out-take from the 'Greedy Magicians' recording.

We will not forget (2012)


Artist: Quiet Loner  |   Title: We Will Not Forget  |  Label: Little Red Rabbit
Release date: 3rd December 2012 |   Catalogue number: LRR033
Formats: Download only   

A. We Will Not Forget
B. Papers Please (Unreleased out take from Greedy Magicians recording)
Download this single for FREE from Little Red Rabbit (16.7MB)


There go the ghosts EP (2011)


Artist: Quiet Loner  |   Title: There Go the Ghosts EP   |  Label: Little Red Rabbit
Release date: September 5th  2011 |   Catalogue number: LRR026
Formats: Download only   

1. There go the ghosts
2. Writing love letters to losers (demo)
3. Joanne (demo)



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